Farmers Markets


Farmers' markets allow us to connect, face to face, with our customers. The farmers' markets we attend also provide us a location to offer pick-up for our CSA program, as well as to sell a wide range of produce and eggs we grow for the members of our community. We attend markets year-round, and during peak season we attend up to four markets per week.

Markets we Attend











What We Sell

Our goal is to grow a large diversity of super fresh, high quality crops. We grow everything from lettuce, herbs, and onions, to beans, okra, and fennel. We also try to be early to market on everything from tomatoes, to sweet corn, to winter squash.

Early in the season we bring a lot of leafy greens and root crops. We seed tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and cucumbers in February, and then the crops are grown out in our heated high tunnel, so we have those crops early in the summer season, ranging from May to June. We're also grow 15 different varieties of winter squash, which we have available beginning in July.

Along with the produce we also sell our farm fresh eggs at the markets. These are pasture raised chickens that always have access to organic non-gmo grain. To find out more about our eggs click here