How We Sell our Chicken

The birds are sold as whole broiler chickens, though requests for processing into quarters can be accommodated if requested before processing. We offer our chickens as an add on to our vegetable CSA program (price of $5/lb)and as individual birds which can be picked up at our farm or at the farmers markets that we attend. We raise the birds until about 10 weeks of age which allows them to reach a very mature size of between 5-8 lb. The birds are processed locally at an FDA-inspected facility. Necks, hearts, livers, and feet are also available for purchase in 1-2lb packages.

$5 per pound for a whole chicken

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How We Raise our Meat Chickens

Beginning in early April, we raise 100 broiler chickens at a time in consecutive batches on our eight-acres of pasture, moving their structure a little bit daily. We lock them up at night to protect them from predators. They're fed non-gmo feed which is heavily supplemented with pasture grass, bugs, and crop residues. The chickens are a locally bred white broiler. We allow the birds to grow quickly, but at a controlled rate by rationing their feed and providing them with plenty of room to exercise. The birds' strong genetics and the protective chicken tractors in which they are raised gives us excellent survival rates. The birds have constant access to fresh water, but sometimes they decide to tuck into the bank of the pond to fill up (picture to the right).