CSA Weekly Recipes

2021 CSA Week 5 Recipes

Our peas are finally starting to produce so everyone gets a pint peas of this week.  They are just picked, so make sure you eat them as quick as possible to experience the sweetest pea possible. We have a wonderful stir fry recipe if you are looking for some inspiration. The rain is becoming too much of a good thing, and some of our plants and fields are becoming water-logged, so we’re hoping to have some dry sunny days in the future so we can get back to a more desirable moisture content in the soil with happy, perky plants. We hope you enjoy the variety this week, and thank you for supporting our farm!

2021 CSA Week 4 Recipes

We’re appreciating the recent rainfall, and continuing to transplant and direct seed hundreds of bed feet each week. Things are really starting to look lush. If you can’t tell our lettuce crops are thriving this spring. We have nearly 1/3rd acre of winter and summer squash transplanted, and we’re starting to see flowers which means we’re within weeks of having summer squash, and within 2 months of having winter squash. Our other summer crops are just around the corner, and day by day we’ve been watching the summer fruits and vegetables size up. Enjoy the spring veggies while they last and have a great week!

2021 CSA Week 3 Recipes

We survived the heat wave earlier this week, which the summer crops loved, and they should be producing fruit soon after soaking up all this sunshine. Us and our wonderful crew have been hard at work putting many many trays of everything from summer squash, to winter squash, to onions, and beans, in the ground, which will be ready for harvest during peak summer. We’re starting to harvest the brassica crops we planted earlier this spring, so this week’s share includes a wide variety of flavors and textures from broccoli to Chinese cabbage. So many items in the share make incredible fresh salads, from the dill, to the leafy greens and beets. We hope you’ve been enjoying the spring vegetables, and we thank you for supporting our farm!