CSA Weekly Recipes

2021 CSA Week 10 Recipes

We have a very diverse selection of produce for you this week. We included purslane, which is a succulent green with a tart lemony flavor. It’s exceptionally nutritious- high in iron, vitamins A&C, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids. We enjoy raw in fresh salads, such as in the recipe below, but it is also delicious steamed or sauteed. It is naturalized to our environment, so you may have seen the green growing in your yard or around town, but our’s is a cultivated varieity which we devote a small amount of bed space to. We had our first decent harvest of eggplant this week, with more to come in the future. We included carrots, a chantenay variety which forms a blockier taproot than nantes types. We use a no-till permanent bed system to preserve the organic matter in our soil, but this makes carrots our most challenging crop to grow since they prefer freshly tilled, loose soil, though we do find some success with the chantenay varieties.  Thank you for supporting our farm and have a great week!

2021 CSA Week 9 Recipes

The produce in the share is getting more diverse as the weeks go on! This week’s recipes use minimal additional ingredients other than what’s in the share and common cooking staples. The roasted vegetable recipe is a delicious way to incorporate all the vegetables. The kohlrabi is sweet and crisp, and gets even sweeter when roasted. Kohlrabi, just like turnips, broccoli, and other members of the brassica family, tastes the sweetest closest to the date it was harvested because bitter-tasting compounds begin to form in the vegetables over time. Once again you have either a green zucchini, yellow zucchini, or yellow squash in the bag. The summer squash is used in a wonderful sautee recipe. This dish can be made into a meal by adding some sausage, either crumbled or links. The basil should be stored covered in plastic, so it doesn’t wilt, and on your countertop, or only briefly in your fridge since it doesn’t like cold temperatures. have a great week!

2021 CSA Week 8 Recipes

There’s a lot  of activity at the farm these days. This is the first week that we are including summer squash. Everyone will get either a cueball squash, green zucchini, yellow zucchini, white zucchini, or yellow squash, which should all start to yield greater quantities in the next few weeks. all of these can be used in the zucchini fritter recipe on the website. We have kohlrabi for the first time this year as well. Kohlrabi taste like a sweet cross between a broccoli and a turnip. The kohlrabi slaw recipe would be great for a fourth of July BBQ. It can also be skinned and eaten raw in a vegetable dish or roasted. We included sorrel greens this week, which are deliciously tangy and make a wonderful sauteed sauce (recipe on website) or addition to soup. All of the meals this week are nice and light and use very minimal additional ingredients.