2021 CSA Week 13 Recipes

We’re almost at the midway point in our season. Though we love spring vegetables and leafy greens, we always enjoy the second half of the season a little more than the first because there are so many more fruiting crops, from winter squash to summer squash, and all the fruiting crops of summer peak throughout August and September. This week’s share has some great vegetables for sauteeing, which are also delicious fermented. Any excess summer vegetables can be fermented or pickled to be enjoyed during the cooler months. We’re always working on the crops one season ahead so we’ve been filling our fields with cool weather loving plants including cabbages, lettuces, kales, beets, carrots, radishes, green onions, and more. We’ve done our best job yet at keeping the weed pressure managable over our acre of production space, which has made flipping the beds between crops a quick process. Thank you to all our members who have been eating through the seasons with us the past 13 weeks! Have a great week!

2021 CSA Week 12 Recipes

We’ve been in a good rhythym recently of harvesting, transplanting, weeding, repeat. This week we included a tasty endive soup recipe below. Endive is a sturdier green than lettuce which makes it perfect for soup because it keeps its structure when cooked. It’s also highly nutritious and mildly flavored, which allows it to blend well with other flavors in a vegetable medley soup. Tasty additions to the recipe below could include sweet corn, zucchini, rice, and chicken or pork, or more tomatoes. We also recommend using the carrot greens in a pesto or chimichurri sauce. The slight bitterness of the greens pairs really well with the sweetness and acidity of tomatoes, so they go well together on a flat bread, pizza, or a pasta dish. We’ll now be including a different winter squash nearly every week for the next few months, which will bring new flavors and textures to our vegetable rotation. We hope you enjoy!

2021 CSA Week 11 Recipes

We hope everyone had a great week. The first sweet peppers of the year are included in the bag this week. We love making fresh salsa when the ingredients are in season. We included a great slasa recipe this week on the website. Its nice to see all the summer crops start to roll in. we put a lot of time, money, and energy into these crops and wait so long to reap their rewards. Most of the tomatoes and peppers were seeded in early february. We appriciate everyone waiting with us! All of your support was felt greatly this past saturday. It rained all day at the markets and if we didn’t have our CSA program it would have been a much greater loss for us. your support has allowed us to improve our skills as growers year over year and we can’t wait to share everything we have been working on the rest of the season!