CSA Week 1 Recipes
Welcome to week 1 of our CSA program! We’re very excited for what we have in store for you this season. This season we will be creating a blog each week with 5 detailed recipes which utilize many, if not all of the ingredients in the week's package. This week's share includes many perennial herbs, which take off faster in the spring than the annual crops and offer an abundance of unique flavors. Check out our week 1 recipes below!
One Carrot at a Time

I find the aphorism 'do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life' to be true for me personally. I've had the desire from a young age to find a way to help others improve their health through nutrition, and after considering many potential career paths in the broader fields of healthcare, which along the way included obtaining a degrees in biomedical engineering and another in biochemistry, I found my way into agriculture following college in 2012. Agriculture is really the heart of it all. As a farmer selling produce packages directly to members of my community I can help them, one carrot at time, eat their way to a more healthful tomorrow. Though society has found many creative alternatives to gleaning nutrition from fruits and vegetables, there are no magic pills, supplements, or pharmaceuticals that can improve one's health as much as a daily dose of plants. That is why I've decided to focus all of my energy answering the question- how can I help members of my community consume more fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables?

I Love Seeds
Some people enjoy shopping for clothing, jewelry, furniture or firearms. I love shopping for seeds. I must show restraint on websites such as Johnny’s Seeds, Main Street Seed and Supply, Territorial Seed Company, and many others. Our vegetable plots are all spoken for which leaves me with the impossible task of passing over plants and varieties that have caught my eye. The paradox of choice, the more options, the harder it is to commit.