2021 CSA Week 19 Recipes

We’re really excited about the share we have put together this week. Honeynut is the winter squash in the bag, and we have been waiting to share this wonderful squash with our wonderful csa members. The flavor is exceptionally sweet and nutty, so we used it in a recipe with very minimal ingredients. The Persian stew is perfect for these cooler nights. You could add a kabob of chicken, lamb, or beef. just marinade with olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper, and grill. If you aren’t enjoying the cooler weather just know that it’s slowing down many of the  insects that have been causing us issues throughout peak season. Our tomatoes are on the decline, so enjoy them while they last! have a great week!

2021 CSA Week 18 Recipes
It is soup season and we have a wonderful roasted tomato soup recipe this week. Ours was gone soon after we made it, and Annabelle loved it the most so we will have to make it again and  freeze some for winter. Our ground cherry plants are really starting to produce, so we included them this week, with manymore weeks to come. To eat them you pinch off the husk and eat the berry inside. We included highly nutritious sprouting broccoli greens, which can be used similar to collard greens, and are great sauteed with pasta (check out this week’s blog recipe), slow cooked with onions, or in a savory soup. We hope you have a great week and thank you for supporting our farm!


2021 CSA Week 17 Recipes
We finally got a break from the heat wave. The nicer weather has allowed us to get a lot done around the farm. We included some big beautiful golden beets this week. If you are not a beet fan we encourage you to try these. Golden beets are sweeter and have less eartheness to them, but are still very nutritious. We used them in a hearty stew this week. The sweet dumpling winter squash recipe is super easy to make, and tastes incredible. much like delicata squash, sweet dumpling squash is another winter squash that you can eat skin and all. most of you know that all of these winter squash that we give you will keep for months in a cool, dry location, but cook them if you notice any soft blemishes forming on the skin. Have a great week!